Adam Ladd

Adam Ladd for Police Commission

Being raised in Old Saybrook has blessed me with many opportunities and great experiences.  After graduating from OSHS, I was part of the first matriculating class at Johnson and Wales University to earn a Bachelors degree with a concentration in Culinary Arts. After meeting my wife, our journey together, expanding both our family and our careers brought us full circle back to Old Saybrook where we settled to raise our family.  Having gone through the Saybrook school system myself, I am proud to have my sons following in those footsteps.  They now learn, as I did, the importance of hard work, dedication, and the ability to thrive in such an inclusive community.  A member of the Knights of Columbus and the former Deputy Registrar, I have tried to exemplify for my children that involvement in town and communities is a fundamental way that we are able to contribute towards the betterment of our town and play an important role maintaining and perpetuating the inclusivity and character of our town that makes us a great community to be a part of. That is why I have chosen to run for police commission.  Old Saybrook needs a police commission that is involved, proactive, and effective in its endeavor to both collaborate and aid in the function, oversight and development of our police department.  A hallmark of the safety and security we all can sometimes take for granted, The Old Saybrook police department has grown over the years—not just in size and number, but in law enforcement and technological advancement that enables our officers to do their jobs effectively and our community to thrive. Such growth and development must, however, be accompanied by periodic assessment and reflection to ensure that we continue to pave the way to meet new demands of an ever-evolving community. A comprehensive, independent study of our police department is a tool that would certainly benefit us all. The analysis and review, combined with recommendations for our entire department infrastructure could provide insight to additional ways to support our department and our community as a whole. As my family and I continue to grow in the community I am proud to have called home for over 40 years, I now look to give back in a deeper way, and contribute by running for a seat on our police commission.

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