The Estys

Thank You to the Esty Family

This narrative has been provided through the Town Report and Nancy Walsh.

The 2019 Town Report of the Town of Old Saybrook was presented at the Annual Town Meeting held on Monday, November 25, 2019. Each year, the Report is dedicated to individuals who have made significant contributions as volunteers to our Town and community organizations.

This year the Report was dedicated to Janis, Richard and Susan Esty who have continually demonstrated their commitment to the Town of Old Saybrook and its natural resources, representing the interests and values of their parents, Irving and Josephine Esty.

Janis was a member of the Planning Commission for 14 years, the last six of which she served as chair.  She currently serves on the Aquifer Protection Agency and the Inland Wetlands & Watercourses Commission as an at-large alternate member. In addition, she is the chair of the Old Saybrook Democratic Town Committee.

Richard has been a member of the Conservation Commission since 2012 and currently serves as its chair and its representative to the Aquifer Protection Agency and the Inland Wetlands & Watercourses Commission.  He is known for his work teaching students about Old Saybrook’s natural habitat through building bat houses, planting vegetation for pollinating birds and insects, and monitoring the vernal pools.

Susan has served on the Parks & Recreation Commission since 2007 and currently serves as its chair.  She now runs the family business on Main Street, Esty’s store, which has specialized in the sale, repair and design of lamps since 1971.

The Town of Old Saybrook is grateful to families like the Estys: through them the spirit of community and environmental service is carried on through the generations to enrich the Town for all residents for years to come.


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