September, 2020

Dear Fellow Democrat:

Your friends and neighbors of the Democratic Town Committee in Old Saybrook (OSDTC) are gearing up for this November and the most critical election of our lifetime.

The challenges before our country are daunting.  We confront the consequences of a dreadful pandemic, economic upheaval, income disparity and persistent racism.  The Trump administration and the GOP have initiated a litany of affronts to our Constitution, the institutions of our democracy, and the rule of law.

We must stand together to take back the White House AND elect a team of leaders at federal, state and local levels to ensure the integrity of our government.  We need your help. In the past we have been substantially outspent by Old Saybrook Republicans.  We must expand our local presence in social media, mail and other print venues to deliver our important message.

Please stand with us to fight for our democracy by making your contribution to enable us to make November 3rd, 2020 a landmark BLUE year.  Any amount will help.  Please do what you can. The stakes are incredibly high.

Of course, we welcome enthusiastic volunteers to help make our case.

Thank you very much for your help.

Your neighbors of the OSDTC


There are two ways to donate:

1.  Click on the blue “donate” button on the upper right, complete the donor information form, and provide credit card payment information.

2.  Mail the required Donor Information Form  (go to Menu-Forms- OSDTC SEEC DONATION FORM) and your check of ____$20 ____$50 _____$70  _____$100  _____$250  Other  $_____  to:

Old Saybrook Democratic Town Committee  

PO Box 281, Old Saybrook, CT 06475


Paid for by the OSDTC.  Donald Brodeur, Treasurer

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