Town Democratic Openings and Appointments by Selectmen


Economic Development Commission:  Alternate Member Vacancy to fill unexpired term ending in 11/2022.  Current Alternate elevated to regular member.

 Planning Commission:  Alternate Member Vacancy.  Term will expire in 11/2021

Town Committee:  Vacancy.  Term to expire March 2022.  Candidates will be elected by DTC, after recommendations from the Nominating Committee.

If you are interested in applying or know of a good candidate for any of these positions,  please send an email of interest to Colin Heffernan, Nominating Committee Chair at   or to John O’Brien, Town Committee Chair at :

Planning Commission Alternate :  Meghan Jouflas filling unexpired term ending 11/2021.
Architectural Review Board:  Alternate:  Tina Rupp filing unexpired term to end on 09/2022.



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