OSDTC Voter Suppression Statement

Old Saybrook Democratic Town Committee Statement on Voter Suppression


A bedrock principle upon which our Democratic Republic stands is the right the people to free and fair elections, where every citizen has ability to cast his or her vote.  Recent attempts by Republican controlled states to restrict voter access, in particular, the recent law passed in the state of Georgia, raises grave concerns.


This law and similar efforts across the country are justified by the claim that “some” people are concerned about voter fraud.  Yet there is no credible evidence of such fraud having taken place.  The practical consequence of the Georgia law and others now being considered is to make voting more difficult, particularly for people of color.  It hearkens back to the Jim Crow era of voter suppression.


The Old Saybrook Democratic Town Committee takes issue with States taking legislative actions to suppress people’s right to vote.   We support and applaud the actions of Major League Baseball, U.S Corporations, and the efforts of African American CEO’s and others, who are taking stands against these voter suppression tactics.  We call upon all citizens of Old Saybrook, including our Republican neighbors, to stand with us on this matter.  It is too important to the future of our Democracy to look the other way.


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