Town Committee

Town Committee

Democratic Town Committee 2016-2018

  1. Baker, Eileen D
  2. Brodeur, Donald S
  3. Conklin, Carol A
  4. Connolly, Paul M
  5. Conti, Henry A
  6. Craft, Sharon G
  7. Dallas, Lynn M
  8. DeCristoforo, Deborah
  9. Duhig, John P
  10. Dunne, Dr. Dana W
  11. Esty, Janis L
  12. Esty, Susan
  13. Garbe,  Carl C
  14. Gesick, Michael N
  15. Gesick, Wendy
  16. Gray, Laura
  17. Heffernan, J. Colin
  18. Iadarola, MaryAnn
  19. Kennedy, Mary E
  20. Ladd, C. Marston
  21. Manning, Carol
  22. Newgarden, Elaine V
  23. Nucci, Donna
  24. O’Brien, John J
  25. O’Nell, Barry S
  26. O’Nell, Dorothy M
  27. Papandrea, David
  28. Peterson, Mary Jane Kirscher
  29. Prendergast, Karen
  30. Pugliese, Matthew J
  31. Senger, Susan C
  32. Sheehan, Stephen
  33. Sohl, Glenda
  34. Stangel, Patrice
  35. Strickland, Joan B.
  36. Sugland, Kathleen
  37. Walsh, Nancy S
  38. Webb, William


Associate Members

  1. Joyce Mikulski
  2. Kenneth Mikulski
  3. Patricia Flanagan
  4.  John Talbott
  5. Emilio Joseph Scamporino
  6. Rick Tanasi
  7.  Sandi Tanasi
  8. George Wall



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