Carol A. Conklin
Board of Selectmen

After earning a B.S. degree in Business Administration at Bryant University and going on to earn a specialty degree in Statutory Accounting from the University of Connecticut, I came home to Old Saybrook with my family and have been here for over 30 years.

Starting a small local retail business was one of the hardest and most rewarding career paths I could have chosen.  It gave me a deeper understanding of the problems and needs that face Old Saybrook businesses daily.

Having been a local business person has allowed me to give back not only to the business community but also to the larger Old Saybrook community.   As the past President of the Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Business Association, it is important for me to see local business thrive.  Currently, I serve as Chairperson for the Economic Development Commission, a 20 year association.  I even had an opportunity to be an Instructor for Adult Education for Culinary and Regional Cooking.

In 2015, I was elected to serve on the Board of Selectmen and now wish to serve another term, I take pride in public service and encourage teamwork in all situations using my knowledge of business and problem solving skills to serve the taxpayers and employees of Old Saybrook.

I am honored to once again run for the Board of Selectmen, to continue my focus for the betterment of business and community. It is a goal of mine to promote teamwork among the town departments and better utilization of resources.


 Eileen D. BakerBoard of Education

I have been a resident of Old Saybrook for 41 years raising two daughters who graduated from Old Saybrook Public Schools.

I am a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing and serve as a consultant to industry, education and government agencies both public and private.

Served as Co-President of the Goodwin School Parent Teacher Organization and was instrumental in strengthening the Cultural Arts Program for all students Pre-K-12.

Completing seven terms as contributing member of the Old Saybrook Board of Education, I have demonstrated leadership, on a state-wide level, as a member of the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education.

Dedicated to providing a comprehensive and challenging personalized education for all students, including the areas of special education and the Arts, I am committed to family/school/community partnerships as an essential component of student success and participate in the Education Commissioner’s Roundtable for Family and Community Engagement.

I have developed and championed a local and state-wide initiative pertaining to student representatives on Boards of Education.

I would like to continue to serve on the Old Saybrook Board of Education to be able to collaborate with board members and the Superintendent as Policy and Committee Chair to ensure compliance with state law and best educational practices to prepare all students for the 21st Century.

Karen BrodeurBoard of Education

It has been a privilege to serve on the Board of Education for the last 24 years.  My husband Don and I have called Old Saybrook home for 31 years while raising our six children here.  As a retired business owner, I understand the delicate balance of administering a progressive school district while also being fiscally responsible and sensitive to the economic climate, considering all factors that impact the school budget process.

My tenure on the Board has included serving on the Executive Committee as Secretary and participation in a variety of committees including Facilities, Policy and Strategic Planning.  As Chair of the Personnel Committees , I have been an integral member of all administrative search committees as well as leading both the Leadership Team and Superintendent’s evaluation process.  I have recently prepared a comprehensive board member handbook outlining the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Education, serving as a guide for both new and veteran members.

In June, the Board approved the current Strategic Plan, which outlines clear goals for the next several years and is the driving force for the district’s actions.  I guide all planning, fiscal decision-making and student achievement efforts, ensuring that our students are well prepared to meet the demands of their post-graduation plans.


Donna Nucci – Board of Finance

I have lived in Old Saybrook for more than 17 years and have been a parent volunteer in the Old Saybrook school district running the book fair, the eighth grade dance and other school activities.

I am a Registered Nurse with 28 years’ experience and have a Master of Science degree in Healthcare Administration and Management

Owner and Operator of two data driven companies one of which is in Old Saybrook

My experience, especially in business, makes me uniquely qualified to understand the complex budgets and fiscal responsibilities needed for Old Saybrook and to serve on the Board of Finance.

Nancy Shepard Gatta – Park and Recreation


I was born and raised in Old Saybrook attended the local schools and after college came home to live.  I am married with a son currently in the school system.

As a child, I participated in the Park and Rec programs and school athletics going on to play collegiate field hockey.

I have 11 years’ experience in coaching varsity field hockey along with 11 years as a Field Hockey Umpire.

As a parent I have volunteered my time to coach for Park and Recreation in sports my son participated in.  As a family we all use the Park and Recreation facilities and for the past ten summers participated in the Park and Rec Co-Ed Softball League.

I believe I have the qualifications necessary to serve on the Park and Recreation Commission.  I have experience in coaching at the varsity level and local level  and have been involved with Old Saybrook’s Park and Recreation department most of my life as a child and most importantly as a parent.

Steve Pernal – Park and Recreation

I have lived in Old Saybrook most of my life attending Old Saybrook High School and currently live with my wife and two daughters here.

I have been a physical education teacher for 24 years and am currently a physical education teacher at Nathan Hale-Ray Middle School in East Haddam and have held several teaching leadership positions.

I was recognized as the 2015 East Haddam Teacher of the Year.

I have experience in coaching various sports at all levels and have served the past three years on the Old Saybrook Little League Board

My experience in education and coaching activities makes me an ideal candidate for the Commission of Park and Recreation.

Jeff Gibson – Board of Assessment Appeals

My family and I have lived in Old Saybrook for the past 16 years.

I have spent 27 years as a Residential Real Estate Appraiser in this state and community.

My background and experience as a Real Estate Appraiser makes me an ideal candidate for Board of Assessment Appeals. I look forward to serving my community and giving back to the town I have chosen to live in.

 Adam Boyd – Zoning Board of Appeals

I have lived in Old Saybrook with my wife and two children for many years and currently sit on the Zoning Board of Appeals as a full member.

I am a Veterans Service Representative for the Veterans Affairs Administration making sure our veterans receive the services and care they are entitled to: I am one of them, having served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operations Enduring Freedom.

The Zoning Board of Appeals hears and helps decide appeals when there could be an error in any requirements set by the town.  As a member of the ZBA, I truly enjoy listening and helping our residents and assisting them with the requirements of the town to achieve their goals.

I would like to continue my service to the town on the Zoning Board of Appeals and ask for your support on this Election Day November 7th.

Frank Glowski -Police Commission

I have lived in Old Saybrook with my two children for over six years and believe in community service; for the past 6 years I have volunteered as an EMT with the Old Saybrook Ambulance.  My family as a whole has lived in Old Saybrook for more than twenty years.

I have over 20 years’ experience in Fire and EMS and am the former Assistant Chief of East Haddam Ambulance.

I have worked for a media company for 20 years which includes 9 years as a Union Member and 11 years in management with experience in negotiations, grievances and arbitrations, representing the company I work for.

This makes me uniquely qualified to serve on the Police Commission as I understand both sides of the issues and the complexities involved in salary negotiations and budgetary restraints.  I believe the community should have a voice and I would make sure their concerns are heard and brought to the attention of the Commission.

Renee Shippee – Police Commission

I am a lifelong resident of Old Saybrook, graduating from Old Saybrook Senior High School in 1987 and the University of Connecticut in 1991 with a B.A. degree in Political Science and Sociology.  I have held several positions in management and currently am co-owner of Roots Auto Repair.

If elected to the Police Commission there are several issues that I would like to see addressed:

  1.  Determine the cause of low retention rates of employees in the department
  2. Seek clarification on budget questions and residents’ concerns
  3. Have the Police Commission oversee the police department and not visa-versa

I want to best serve the people who elect us.

Paul ConnollyHarbor Commission

I have lived in Old Saybrook with my wife Kathy for over 20 years. Our 2 sons attended Saybrook schools.

I am an active boater, a USCG licensed captain, and am very familiar with the waters of Old Saybrook.

I was appointed to the Harbor Commission in the summer of 2016 to fill an unexpired term, and am currently secretary.  My objective is to increase public access and use of the town’s facilities.  I am asking for your support on November 7th to continue my service on the Harbor Commission.

Kathleen A. Sugland – Planning Commission

I am a lifelong resident of Old Saybrook, attending the local schools and graduating from Old Saybrook High School.  My family has a history of community service:  having lived in Old Saybrook over 65 years, my father Louis Sugland, former Chairman of the Democratic Town Committee, served on the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance.  My son (a college student) volunteers as a youth leader at our church.

Following in the family tradition of service, I am a Church Deacon and a member of the Pastoral Team of the First Congregation Church of Old Saybrook and a volunteer with Heat and Eat and the Shoreline Soup Kitchen.

I have 38 years of experience as a Transportation Planner for the Department of Transportation in the Office of Planning Inventory and Data.  I will be able to use this experience and knowledge on the Planning Commission.

Currently I serve as an alternate on the Planning Commission (6 years) and wish to be elected a full member to the Commission. I believe the development of the Old Saybrook Community will be the most important stance that I take in order for our community to grow and prosper, not just for now but for the future generations.

Barry O’Nell – Board of Finance

I have served on the Board of Finance for the past 8 years and am seeking another term.  I have lived in Old Saybrook for 50 years, raising my family here.

I am a retired Chief Petty Officer of the U.S. Naval Reserves and Pratt and Whitney as well as the former owner of Old Saybrook Lawn and Power.

I believe my past and present experience affords me a unique perspective to serve the Board of Finance and if re-elected would continue to support fiscal sound budgets that sustain our good quality of life while maintaining a low mill rate.


Trevor Ladd – Planning Commission

I have lived in Old Saybrook since 1982 and attended Springfield College where I studied Business Marketing.  I moved away briefly for 6 years but missed my family and friends. I returned to find the woman I would marry, and together we took up residence in Old Saybrook with our 2 cats and 1 dog.  I have now been in Old Saybrook 32 years.

I am employed as a sub-contractor with 21 years of experience in the skilled trade industry.   As a sub-contractor I work closely with the local business owners, residents and fellow contractors.

Having lived here most of my life, I feel it is now my time to give back to the community I love.  I believe my experience as a contractor and marketing assistant will bring a new and valued perspective to the Planning Commission.  I am asking for your Vote on November 7th.

Robert Soden – Harbor Management Commission

I am a graduate of the University of Connecticut and a lifelong resident of Old Saybrook.

I have been employed as an Environmental Consultant for over 12 years. My focus is on coastal and marine projects like those administered by the Harbor Management Commission.

I believe my expertise and experience would make me a valuable member of the Harbor Commission, especially in the areas of coastal infrastructure (improving the town docks) and improving our harbors (dredging of the North Cove anchorage).

Please consider me when you vote on November 7th.