This notice appeared in the Dec. 30, 2021 edition of the Harbor News.

LEGAL NOTICE for Old Saybrook Democratic Town Committee Elections Caucus:  January 10, 2022.

To enrolled members of the Democratic Party of the Town of Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

Pursuant to the Rules of the Democratic Party and State election laws, you are  hereby notified that a caucus will be held on:

January 10, 2022, at 6:30 pm, at the Vicky Duffy Pavilion at Saybrook Point,

155 College Street, Old Saybrook, Connecticut

to endorse candidates for the Democratic Town Committee and to transact other business as may be proper to come before said caucus.

Dated at Old Saybrook, Connecticut, on the 16th of December, 2021.

Democratic Town Committee of Old Saybrook, John J. O’Brien, Chairperson

Please note:

  • Caucus is open to all registered Old Saybrook Democrats.
  • Caucus must be attended in person.  Virtual links are not allowed
  • Masks are required to be worn by all Caucus attendees.

Dan Moran


Adam Boyd
Colin Heffernan
Carol Conklin
A. Donald Cooper
Ken Soudan
Neil McCrudden
  • Neil and wife Ethel have lived in Old Saybrook for 20 years
  • Retired Pharmacist – having graduated from Pharmacy School at U.R.I.
  • Served in U.S. Navy during WW II
  • Member of the Elderly Benefit Committee
  • Served on the Estuary Transit Board
  • Past member of the OSDTC
  • Active member of the American Red Cross and American Cancer Society
George Chang


John O'Brien
Alan Spargo
George Wall
Emilio Scamporino
Susan Esty
  • Park and Recreation Commission member for over 6 years
  • Integral to the successful restoration of Parks and Play Fields after Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, including the Saybrook Point Miniature Golf facility
  • Worked on Appointment of the new Director of P&R, after retirement of Vicky Duffy
  • Serves on The Preserve Ad Hoc Committee
  • Strong believer in the value of Old Saybrook’s many natural resources for recreation.