Martha Marx Announces Her Candidacy

Martha Marx has announced her candidacy as a CT State Senator  from the 20th District, which includes voters from Old Saybrook. To qualify for a CT Candidate Campaign Grant, Martha must receive 300 voter signatures and a total of $17,000 in donations from registered voters in the 20th State Senate District. 

In Martha’s email are the following:

  1. Attachment:  Martha Marx SEEC Candidate Certification Form.  Print and fill out the information on the Form.  Mail the Form to Martha Marx (address on the Form) and include a personal check for as little as $5.00.

2.  LINK TO ANEDOT:  Complete the Certification Form and make a donation to Martha Marx via credit card:  ALL online!

3.  REQUEST from Martha for  volunteers from each DTC in her District to help with phone calls to members this week.  If every DTC member makes a contribution this weekend we will hit our goal.  If every chair and leader gets 5 additional donations it would be a great help.  If you can volunteer to make 5 calls this weekend, send me an email and I will send you a name list. Thank you, Nancy Walsh

2022 Democratic Delegate & Convention Calendar

2022:  Democratic Delegate and Convention Calendar

March 21, 2022:  OSDTC MEETING: Old Saybrook: DTC and OS Registered Democrats nominate  delegates for all conventions: 

March 24, 2022:  ZOOM CALL:  Endorsement of Delegates for State Convention.

March 30 2022  Delegate Certification Forms due to OS Town Clerk by 4 pm and CTDEMS

Conventions and Number of Delegates for Old Saybrook:

  • State ConventionUS Senate, Governor , Lt Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Treasurer, Comptroller # of OS Delegates:  8. 

Dates:  May 6 and 7.  Hartford. In person

  • US House of Representatives:  District 2   Joe Courtney is the candidate. 

# of OS Delegates: 8.  Convention Date:  May 9th. Location:  TBA. 

  • Connecticut State Senate ConventionsOld Saybrook has 2 State Senate Districts.

1. CT State Senate District 20 represents OS Voting District #1 (votes at the Middle School). Martha Marx Is the candidate for the SS 20th district.  # of OS Delegates allowed: 3.  Convention Date:  May 10th  Location:  TBA

NOTE:  You must be a registered voter and live in Old Saybrook Voting District 1 to be a delegate to the State Senate District 20 Convention.

2.  CT State Senate District 33 represents OS Voting District #2 (votes at the High School) Norm Needleman is the candidate.  # of OS Delegates allowed:  5.  Convention Date:  May 10th.  Location of District 33 Convention:  TBA

NOTE:  You must be a registered voter and live in Old Saybrook Voting District 2 to be a delegate to the State Senate District 33 Convention.

  • CT State House of Representatives (General Assembly) District 23Currently there is no announced candidate in the 23 House District.  # of OS delegates allowed:  8.  Convention date: May 11th.  Location             .                                 
  • CT Probate District 33:  Judge of ProbateJeannine Lewis Convention Date:  May 12th.     Location:  TBA. Number of Delegates:  8. Candidate:  TBA

Anyone interested in attending a convention, email MaryAnn Iadarola, Vice Chairman,  Specify which Convention you want.  Nominations will also be accepted from the floor, on March 21st.


We are so thankful to all our candidates and committee members who worked so hard on this election. We are proud to introduce our newly elected office holders:

Selectman:  Matthew J Pugliese

BOF:  John J O’Brien 

BOF:  Bruce W Carlson

BOE:  Karen E Brodeur

BOE:  Eileen D Baker

BOAssessment Appeals:  Joan B Strickland

Planning Comm:  Kathleen A Sugland

Police Commission:  Renee Root Shippee

PC:   Alfred Chub Wlcox

PC:  Jessica Calle

PC:  Jill Notar-Francesco

PC: 2 year term:  Carol A Manning

Park & Recreation Comm:   Nancy Shepard Gatta

Park & Recreation Comm:  Jane B Wisialowski

Harbor Management Comm:  Robert B Soden


Dan Moran


Adam Boyd
Colin Heffernan
Carol Conklin
A. Donald Cooper
Ken Soudan
Neil McCrudden
  • Neil and wife Ethel have lived in Old Saybrook for 20 years
  • Retired Pharmacist – having graduated from Pharmacy School at U.R.I.
  • Served in U.S. Navy during WW II
  • Member of the Elderly Benefit Committee
  • Served on the Estuary Transit Board
  • Past member of the OSDTC
  • Active member of the American Red Cross and American Cancer Society
George Chang


John O'Brien
Alan Spargo
George Wall
Emilio Scamporino
Susan Esty
  • Park and Recreation Commission member for over 6 years
  • Integral to the successful restoration of Parks and Play Fields after Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, including the Saybrook Point Miniature Golf facility
  • Worked on Appointment of the new Director of P&R, after retirement of Vicky Duffy
  • Serves on The Preserve Ad Hoc Committee
  • Strong believer in the value of Old Saybrook’s many natural resources for recreation.