Officers, Executive and Nominating Committees

Elected Officers

  • Chairman: Herbert S. Searle
  • Vice Chair: Laura P. Gray
  • Secretary: Jane B. Wisialowski
  • Treasurer: Donald S. Brodeur, Jr.

Elected Members of the Executive Board 

  • Members At-Large: Michael K. Bender and Justin Terrible
  • Deputy Treasurer: C. Marston Ladd
  • Ex-Officio Member of Executive Board: Matthew J. Pugliese


  Nominating Committee

  • Susan E. Esty
  • Colin Heffernan
  • Carl C. Garbe
  • MaryAnn E. Iadarola
  • David Papandrea
  • Nancy S. Walsh
  • William K. Webb


Dan Moran


Adam Boyd
Colin Heffernan
Carol Conklin
A. Donald Cooper
Ken Soudan
Neil McCrudden
  • Neil and wife Ethel have lived in Old Saybrook for 20 years
  • Retired Pharmacist – having graduated from Pharmacy School at U.R.I.
  • Served in U.S. Navy during WW II
  • Member of the Elderly Benefit Committee
  • Served on the Estuary Transit Board
  • Past member of the OSDTC
  • Active member of the American Red Cross and American Cancer Society
George Chang


John O'Brien
Alan Spargo
George Wall
Emilio Scamporino
Susan Esty
  • Park and Recreation Commission member for over 6 years
  • Integral to the successful restoration of Parks and Play Fields after Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, including the Saybrook Point Miniature Golf facility
  • Worked on Appointment of the new Director of P&R, after retirement of Vicky Duffy
  • Serves on The Preserve Ad Hoc Committee
  • Strong believer in the value of Old Saybrook’s many natural resources for recreation.