Letters to the Editor


Doing A Great Job by Karen Christman

I am writing in support of George Chang for the Old Saybrook Board of Finance.

I wrote an endorsement letter for George 16 years ago when he ran for the Board of Education (BOE) because I believed so strongly in his ability to strategically and intelligently make decisions that would strengthen our schools into the future. (Read More)

Will Bring a New Perspective by Mary Jane Peterson

My neighbor, Meghan Brady, has worked tirelessly to make Old Saybrook a better place for us to live for many years. Now an empty nester, she chooses to continue that good work by becoming a Democratic Candidate for the Board of Finance. (Read More)

Inclusive, Welcoming, and Dedicated to Helping Others by Marcia Wilcox

New candidates for municipal government possess the multifaceted skill set that distinguishes Laura Gray, who is running for the Old Saybrook Zoning Commission. (Read More)

Deserves a Second Glance by Jon Mason

Jack’s years of experience as a teacher will be invaluable during the very important search for a new superintendent. Vote for Jack Cardello on November 7! (Read More)

Vote for Democrats by Deborah Shah

I am new to Old Saybrook, but already I love this community. The people are friendly, the downtown is bustling with activity even as the summer wanes, and the beauty of the coastline is incomparable. As a senior citizen, I hope to enjoy the town’s many advantages for some years to come, but I sometimes wonder whether my daughter, who visits frequently, will be able to do so long into the future. (Read More)

Integrity, Ethics, and a Genuine by Karen Brodeur

It is a distinct honor to support the candidacy of Democrat George Chang for the Board of Finance (BOF) in Old Saybrook. As a current member of the Board of Education (BOE), I’ve had the privilege to have George as a colleague for the past 16 years, where he has been an influential member, making significant contributions to our district and positively impacting the social and academic success of all students. (Read More)

Skills, Intellect, and Experience by George Chang

There are three things that a Board of Education (BOE) member, regardless of party affiliation, must do to be successful – focus on the students, support the teachers and staff, and stay out of the weeds. Non-partisanship is critical for a school board to be successful. Jane Wisialowski, a current member of the BOE and a Democratic candidate for the BOE in this fall’s election, has proven that she has the skills, intellect, and experience to excel on all these points. (Read More)

Will Be an Asset by Emily Grochowski

I am excited to support Jack Cardello as a candidate for the Old Saybrook Board of Education. I have had the pleasure of knowing Jack personally for almost a decade as our children have made their way from Goodwin Elementary School to Old Saybrook High School. At every step along the way, I have observed Jack to be knowledgeable, empathetic, and dedicated to student success. (Read More)

Vote For Democrats on Old Saybrook Police Commission, ‘Positive Changes’ by Carol Manning

In 2021, Old Saybrook voters, frustrated with problems in the police force, elected three new Democratic Commissioners (including myself) and rejected three experienced Republican Commissioners’ bid for re-election. Residents wanted speedy change. That was impossible. Thoughtful change takes time and cooperation by all of us. (Read More)

Better When We Work Together by Laura Gray

My name is Laura Gray, and I am running for a seat on the Zoning Commission. The Zoning Commission regulates land use and enforces its regulations for the protection of public health, safety, and welfare.  (Read More)

Deserves Your Consideration by Andrea Isaacs

I support Earl Swain for Old Saybrook Board of Education.

I have known Earl Swain for over 10 years. He is the chef of my catering business, Cloud Nine. (Read More)

Passionate About Impacting Our Community by Meghan Brady

I am Meghan Brady, writing to introduce myself as a Democratic candidate for the Old Saybrook Board of Finance. I grew up on the Connecticut shoreline and have always felt that Old Saybrook is a special place to live, work, and visit. (Read More)

A Strategic Thinker, Analytical, and Deeply Committed by Karen Brodeur

It’s a privilege to write this letter of support for the candidacy of Democrat Jane Wisialowski for the Old Saybrook Board of Education. (Read More)

Continue to Make Positive Change by Matt Pugliese

I’m Matt Pugliese, and I am the Democratic candidate running for re-election to the Board of Selectman. It has been my honor to serve the town over the last four years on the board.  (Read More)

Need to Know the Truth by Carol Manning

Hopefully, Old Saybrook voters read the article in the Sept. 21 edition of Harbor News about Westbrook receiving a cost estimate of $12 to $13 million to construct a wastewater system in downtown Westbrook (“Town Receives Cost Estimate for Downtown Septic System”). Town leaders there have $1 million in ARPA funding allocated for the project.

Hope to Make a Positive Difference by Rob LeMire

My name is Rob LeMire, and I am running to become a member of the Parks and Recreation Commission. My wife Emily and I moved back to my hometown of Old Saybrook in 2018 to provide our four children the opportunity to enjoy the same incredible experiences I had growing up. (Read More)

Teach Our Children Well by Jack Cardello

I was born in 1970, the same year the song “Teach Your Children” was released by Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young. Today, I hold the belief that it is our responsibility as adults to teach our children well.  (Read More)

Will Advocate for Responsible, Sustainable Development by Mike Bender

My name is Mike Bender, and I am honored to be nominated for the Planning Commission by the Old Saybrook Democratic Town Committee. Two years ago, I volunteered to serve as an alternate on the commission, and in that time, I proudly helped with our bipartisan effort to rewrite the town’s Plan of Conservation and Development. (Read More)

A Proven Advocate by Karen Prendergast

I am writing in support of the reelection of Democrat Susan Esty to the Old Saybrook Parks and Recreation Commission because Susan has worked tirelessly to improve and maintain the beautiful parks and facilities we all enjoy. (Read More)

Honored to be Nominated by Mark Ciliano

My name is Mark Ciliano, and I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for the Old Saybrook Police Commission by the Democratic Town Committee. (Read More)

Not So Forward Thinking by Edson Bourn

I read with interest the Aug. 31 letter to the editor titled “Forward Thinking Risk Management.”

Many years ago, the State of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection was telling our town leaders that they needed to install a town-wide sewer system to reduce pollution in our waterways.  (Read More)

Can Enhance the Offerings by Elizabeth Soden

My name is Elizabeth Soden, and I am excited to be running for Old Saybrook Parks and Recreation Commission. (Read More)

Dedicated and Responsible by Nancy Gatta

I enthusiastically support Meghan Brady for a seat on the Old Saybrook Board of Finance in the upcoming municipal election.  (Read More)

Grateful For Your Support by George Chang

“Budget the plan, don’t plan a budget.” Judiciously funding the Strategic Plan has been a steadfast principle for the Old Saybrook school budget process for the past decade. (Read More)

To Ensure the Right Investments Are Made by Renee Root Shippee

Blockbuster. Tower Records. Borders Books. History is littered with once proud companies that were heavily invested in their own model of success and failed to perceive – or effectively respond to threats on the horizon. Today, those companies no longer exist. (Read More)

Conduct Evaluations by Eleanor Laplace

Current staffing shortages at the Old Saybrook Police Department might be the tip of the iceberg. Offering bonuses and increasing salaries is premature. (Read More)

Seeking Re-Election by Paul Connolly

My name is Paul Connolly, and I’m seeking re-election to the Harbor Commission. (Read More)

A Strong Advocate by Earl Swain

My name is Earl Swain, and I’m a candidate for the Board of Education (BOE) in Old Saybrook. (Read More)

Running for Re-Election by Joan Strickland

My name is Joan Strickland, and I am running for re-election to the Old Saybrook Assessment Board of Appeals.  (Read More)

An Outstanding Example by Nancy Gatta

I am happy to show my support for Rob LeMire for a seat on the Old Saybrook Parks and Recreation Commission on the Democratic ticket. (Read More)

Transparent, Responsible by Jeff Hill

The voters of Old Saybrook need to know the current Police Commission has demonstrated both transparency and responsibility since the last election. (Read More)

Addressing Climate Change by Carl Garbe

Gregory applauded Republican leadership on climate change and her proof points were largely based on a comparison to surrounding towns. This is NOT the standard voters in Old Saybrook should use to assess our current government. (Read More)

Before Throwing Money Around by Ken Soudan

I think a few questions need to be answered first before throwing money around. (Read More)

Far from Done by Jean Caron

In Old Saybrook, the work of the Police Commission is far from done. (Read More)

Thanks for Fulfilling Responsibilities by C. Marston Ladd

n 2021, voters of Old Saybrook expressed a strong desire for more transparency and oversight of the Department of Police Services by electing new commissioners willing to work towards those objectives. (Read More)