Become the Democratic Registrar of Voters


The Registrar of Voters has the primary responsibility of processing voters to ensure that those who are eligible are registered accurately for voting in Elections, Primaries, and Referendums

The Registrar of Voters oversees all aspects of running smooth Elections, Primaries and


Maintaining and updating voter registration information using information provided by department of motor vehicles, registration forms, death reports, local obituaries and written requests.

Conducting fair and accurate voting sessions by proofing and ordering ballots, testing and maintaining machines, securing polling places, hiring and training election workers before every election or primary and overseeing the actual day of voting activities

Conducting an annual canvass of voters who may have moved

Implementing any new Connecticut election laws 

Conducting a high school voter registration session

Attending conferences and trainings as they are scheduled


Registrars must become certified and have ongoing training each year through conferences, special State calls and classes, and County meetings. This training is paid for by the Town of Old Saybrook

Skill set should include computer aptitude, good time management, organizational skills, and people friendly. Must work well in a group setting.


$13,556 per year


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