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As residents of Old Saybrook, CT, we are witnessing a potential crisis unfold. Young families who wish to make this town their home are finding it increasingly unaffordable. Seniors, who have spent their lives contributing to our community’s fabric, can’t afford to stay here anymore. On top of this housing crisis, we are all feeling the effects of climate change with rising sea levels and increased storm intensity. Reports from the Connecticut Institute for Resilience & Climate Adaptation highlight that our town is at high risk due to climate change (Connecticut Institute for Resilience & Climate Adaptation).

We call on Board of Finance and Board of Selectmen to increase investment in affordable housing initiatives that will allow young families and seniors alike to continue calling Old Saybrook home. We also urge them to invest more heavily in climate resilience measures that will protect us all from rising sea levels and increasing storm intensity.

Let’s ensure that Old Saybrook remains a welcoming place for everyone while preparing ourselves for future climatic challenges. Sign this petition today if you believe in a sustainable future for our town.

Town Budget Petition

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