I would like to thank you for your efforts in supporting the 2022 election.  Everyone stepped up and did their part. Whether it was canvassing, making phone calls, writing letters, putting up signs, setting up the tents, or manning the tents, your efforts are greatly appreciated. 

 This election felt different from the start.  It felt as if democracy itself was on the ballot and never have the two sides seemed so divided.  It may be why everyone seemed up to the task of supporting the election.  With our support, the Democratic State candidates went on to achieve impressive wins. Locally, our efforts helped in flipping State Senate District 20 from red to blue as Martha Marx defeated Jerry Labriola Jr.  This was significant in the fact that the seat has been held by Republican Paul Formica since 2015.  Again, our efforts contributed to Norm Needleman winning another term to serve State Senate District 33.  In addition, we supported our District 33 Democratic Judge of Probate, Jeannine Lewis, to win by a substantial margin.
The task of selecting a qualified candidate and running a campaign to defeat an incumbent with a recognizable name serving a 3rd term is a daunting task. Clearly there was no one more up to the task than Colin Heffernan. Colin and his team focused on the voting record of his opponent;  a voting record that clearly does not represent the values of the people of District 23 or Connecticut for that matter.  It was clear to us that Colin was not only very qualified but indeed the better of the two candidates and deserved to be the candidate representing us in Hartford.  It makes it even more disappointing when it does not happen, and despite our considerable efforts we somehow fall short.  Colin’s campaign exposed the weakness in his opponent that somehow had been buried under the surface.  His message was that we should judge the people that represent us by how they cast their vote. It is what is most important on deciding how to cast our vote. 

 In closing I would like to again thank the OSDTC and friends for their hard work for this election. 
Herb Searle OSDTC Chair