The Old Saybrook Democratic Town Committee is proud to endorse the candidacy of Norm M. Needleman, 1st Selectman of Essex, for the 33rd State Senate Seat for the November 2016 election!

May 2016 Democratic Conventions

State Convention: Saturday, May 7 @ CT Convention Center, Hartford. Time 10:00AM

7 Delegates: Paul Connolly, Carol Conklin, Colin Heffernan, Alexys Heffernan, Barry O’Nell, Dottie O’Nell, David Papandrea

2nd Congressional Convention: Monday, May 9, 6:00 pm @  Kelly Middle School Auditorium, 25 Mahan Drive, Norwich ,CT

 6 Delegates: Adam Boyd, Wendy Gesick, Mary Kennedy, Marty Ladd, Adam Stillman, Nancy Walsh

23rd State Assembly Convention: Tuesday, May 17 at Acton Public Library.

 Time: 7:00PM

  6 Delegates: Lynn Dallas, Janis Esty, Mary Kennedy, Marty Ladd, John O’Brien, Nancy Walsh

State Senate Conventions: 2 Districts, 2 Conventions (Location and Time: TBA)

  20th District Convention: Monday, May 23

  3 Delegates: Mary Kennedy, David Papandrea, Mim Scamporino

  33rd District Convention: Monday, May 23

   4 Delegates: Marty Ladd, Barry O’Nell, Dottie O’Nell, Nancy Walsh